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Real Estate Group

Real Estate Group

The primary investment strategy of the Real Estate Group is to invest in and/or acquire U.S. real estate properties across the multi-family, commercial, and hospitality sectors. Our focus primarily lies on opportunistic, distressed, and value-added opportunities, with a secondary emphasis on core-plus and core investment strategies.

The Group’s primary investment strategy is to invest in U.S. real estate across the major property sectors:

Hospitality       Multi-Family      Office      Retail      Land


The group primarily allocates investments to opportunistic and value-added strategies, with a secondary focus on core-plus and core strategies. As a general guideline, the group refrains from competing for core ‘trophy’ assets. A pivotal aspect of the group’s strategy is to invest in high-quality assets that are not yet fully stabilized—making them unattractive to core investors—or to develop new properties with a favorable yield-to-cost ratio. The group’s investments may encompass properties requiring substantial physical improvements, assets in need of recapitalization, recently completed buildings with vacant spaces, or new development opportunities.