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The Saliba Family traces its ancestry to Bteghrine, Lebanon, and holds a unique place among the region’s oldest Christian families, with an unbroken lineage dating back to the era of the Crusade Wars. Religious persecution compelled the family to migrate to the United States in the 1890s. Throughout history, Saliba family members traditionally pursued one of three vocations: farming, priesthood, or construction. This cherished tradition persisted in America.

The 20th Century

Naseeb M. Saliba, born in 1914, was immersed in the construction industry from a young age, working alongside his maternal uncles during his youth. As a determined young man, Naseeb ventured out on his own, establishing his own construction and engineering firm, N. M. Saliba Company, in 1941. Capitalizing on the post-war economic surge and government-funded infrastructure projects, N. M. Saliba Company rapidly outgrew his uncles’ firm in both size and scope. It evolved into one of the largest heavy construction and civil engineering firms in the United States, responsible for numerous infrastructure projects spanning the western United States.

(Select N.M. Saliba Company projects from the 1950s and 1960s)

Pomona-Long Beach Freeway Interchange

State of California

Santa Monica – San Diego Freeway Interchange

State of California

Point Loma Sewage Treatment Plant

San Diego, California

Secondary Sewage Treatment Plant and Administrative Building

San Diego, California

After a brief period of semi-retirement, Naseeb founded his next venture, Tutor-Saliba Corp, in 1972, in partnership with Ronald N. Tutor. Building upon the established track record and financial strength of N. M. Saliba Company, Tutor-Saliba carried forward the Saliba family’s legacy in heavy engineering and infrastructure construction. The company played a pivotal role in the construction of numerous iconic California infrastructure projects and landmarks, including the Los Angeles Metro Rail (multiple phases, over $1 billion), Third Street Light Rail ($935 million), Alameda Corridor ($783 million), Richmond-San Rafael Bridge ($762 million), BART San Francisco Airport Extension ($609 million), and SFO International Terminal ($513 million). Additionally, they undertook significant building projects, such as Encore at Wynn Las Vegas ($1.43 billion) and the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center ($542 million). In 2008, upon his final retirement, Tutor-Saliba merged with Perini Corp. Today, the consolidated company operates under the name Tutor-Perini and ranks among the top 10 construction and engineering firms in the United States and among the top 100 in the world.

(Select Tutor-Saliba projects from the 1990s and 2000s)

San Francisco International Airport

San Mateo County, California

Richmond – San Rafael Bridge

Contra Costa / Marin Counties, California

Encore at Wynn Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

BART San Francisco Airport Extension

San Mateo County, California

In the 1990s, Naseeb’s increasing attention and focus were required to manage the growing business and investment holdings of the Saliba family. In addition to the construction and engineering enterprises, the investment portfolio had experienced significant growth and encompassed investments in various sectors, including real estate, technology, healthcare, consumer products, and banking. Importantly, with the good fortune and consistent success, Naseeb was able to further expand his focus on his true passion: philanthropy.

The Saliba Family’s philanthropic efforts have positively impacted numerous charitable organizations worldwide, including notable contributions to the University of Southern California, Pepperdine University, St. Francis Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Medical Center, the St. Jude Organization, Balamand University in Lebanon, and the Antiochian Orthodox Church.

Trevor M. Saliba

Founder, Chairman and CEO
NMS Capital Group

The 21st Century

The Saliba Family Office is presently under the leadership of Trevor M. Saliba, a 4th generation professional with a background in general contracting, investment banking, and private equity investments. To formally structure and oversee his personal investment holdings, Trevor founded NMS Capital Group. Initially established as a family office-supported investment vehicle, NMS Capital Group has since transformed into a prominent global private investment firm. It focuses on private equity, venture capital, and structured financing investments, spanning multiple asset classes, including business and financial services, insurance, real estate, infrastructure, consumer products, media, and technology.